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Is a Facebook Share Really Worth It?

Does a Facebook share generate revenues for a publisher? Here’s how it could be calculated. Read More

The Rise and Spread of Printing and Publishing

Early printing and publishing revolutionized the world. In the 50 years since its invention, the number of books increased million fold. Read More

The Movable Type

Johannes Gutenberg was a printer and a publisher. His invention of the movable type, started the printing revolution, and ushered in the modern period of human history – a history that can now be printed easily. Read More

Ready to Print

In the 6th century AD, China invented printing, a form of it referred to as block printing. And, this became the basis for modern printing as we know it. Read More

History of Writing…and Copying

Before the invention of writing, information could only be spread by mouth. This meant severe limitations of place and time – and of course, the proverbial Chinese whisper. While writing eventually became a prerequisite to running successful kingdoms, its original intention was to establish religious decrees, codes of law, and other socially important matters. Read More

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