Before focusing on the product development process, a course correction was in order.

The first few weeks were focused entirely on understanding the product concept, the current development process, interacting with stakeholders and understanding how they worked, and undertaking an extensive competitive intelligence exercise. Based on this analysis, a course correction was very much needed.



Like with an airplane making a course correction, a requirement analysis and assessment needs to be made as to what is the best route to take to close that gap. To help identify this route (in our case what to implement), it was an honest assessment of what our product is, and isn’t.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.
Nathaniel Branden

But before that happened, we first needed everyone to acknowledge that we are drifting off from where we should be. For us, this acceptance came easily (owing mostly to a culture of openness). With that acceptance, we quickly re-prioritized our development road map and worked to close the gap. And, we did.

However, there have been multiple product based businesses, where this was not the case. And, it didn’t end well for them.

It’s always prudent to constantly assess where your product is, in comparison to the industry.