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The Rise and Spread of Printing and Publishing

Early printing and publishing revolutionized the world. In the 50 years since its invention, the number of books increased million fold. Read More

Adult diapers absorb paper industry’s losses…for now

When I first started tracking the print (and publishing) industry, the paper industry was already in trouble. Read More

Data security in 2017: leaks and breaches will continue to rise

Data security is a rising concern worldwide, and the start of 2017 has certainly not allayed those fears. Read More

Programming New Frontiers

After my adventures with Drupal and content management systems, I decided to try something different – I wanted to learn a programming language. Read More

Bitcoin has been widely speculated as the next big thing in currency, or as a failed experiment that is nearing its end. However, that changed in the last few days, when it experienced a resurgence – one so strong, that it is at par with the price of gold! Read More

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