The Digital Production Opportunity | Global Services, October 2010

For publishing companies undergoing cost and revenue pressures, the digital market presents a holistic solution – one that opens a channel of revenue with non-linear growth, while ensuring minimal costs of production and sales. However, creating digital offerings presents its own sets of problems.

Two Indian e-readers set to hit market | LiveMint, Feb 2010

“Whether it (e-readers) will take off in a big way depends on the price, both of the reader and of content (e-books),” said Vivek Shenoy, who tracks the publishing industry at market research firm Valuenotes.

Bangalore firm gives digital life to cookie monster and friends | LiveMint, Dec 2009

“Producing e-books is just a natural extension of their capabilities,” said Vivek Shenoy, an analyst with ValueNotes Database Pvt. Ltd, a research firm. “E-books are emerging as a new revenue channel for publishers worldwide.”

Offshoring publishing business will double to $1.2 bn by 2012 | Financial Express, Jul 2009

Due to changing corporates pattern, existing economic climate, poor spending on advertisements and high printing costs have pushed global publishing houses to look at India for more offshoring of publishing services. India, the world leader in offshore publishing services with 85% of the $780 million global market, will see its revenue from this segment will touch $1.2 billion by 2012 as against $660 million now. India distantly followed by the Philippines and others including China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, said Vivek Shenoy, an analyst with ValueNotes, the Pune-based leading research agency tracking publishing outsourcing industry in India.

Offshoring publishing business will double to $1.2 billion by 2012 | HCI London, Jul 2009

India is distantly followed by the Philippines and others including China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, said Vivek Shenoy, an analyst with ValueNotes, the Pune-based leading research agency tracking the publishing outsourcing industry in India.