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Is a Facebook Share Really Worth It?

Does a Facebook share generate revenues for a publisher? Here’s how it could be calculated. Read More

Leveraging Cross Media Measurement

Cross media measurement has emerged as a necessity for advertisers running integrated campaigns. While it’s no surprise why, it is significantly difficult to accomplish. Read More

Adult diapers absorb paper industry’s losses…for now

When I first started tracking the print (and publishing) industry, the paper industry was already in trouble. Read More

Data security in 2017: leaks and breaches will continue to rise

Data security is a rising concern worldwide, and the start of 2017 has certainly not allayed those fears. Read More

Bitcoin has been widely speculated as the next big thing in currency, or as a failed experiment that is nearing its end. However, that changed in the last few days, when it experienced a resurgence – one so strong, that it is at par with the price of gold! Read More

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