It’s the start of the new year, and with that, comes a lot of predictions about the trends we’ll look forward to in the year. So, what tech trends are people talking about in 2020?

Tech Trends in 2020

To establish the tech mind share for 2020, I looked at 20 different articles across publications – these publications includes The Guardian, the BBC, Forbes, IBM, Entrepreneur, PTC, Telegraph, McKinsey among others. Some of these, I admit, are not really publications, but they do have some authority on technology and being cutting edge at that. With these articles, I put together this.

Tech Trends 2019
Tech Trends 2020

Most articles, and their authors, seem to talk about the usual suspects – data, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, electric and autonomous cars, augmented and virtual reality, among others. Surprisingly, blockchain has a large mention for 2020 – the crypto market may have lost its hype, but blockchain seems to have faced the point of inflection, and may have paved its way towards large scale adoption. Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook all had mentions. Of note – AI and its influence on health, and some cautionary tales of how it could all turn bad.

How does this compare to 2019?

Looking back at the trends of 2019, the talking points were largely the same – data, blockchain, analytics, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, etc. There were, however, some differences.

Tech Trends 2019
Tech Trends 2019

Cybersecurity had a strong mention – riding atop years before that saw many security troubles for businesses. This tied in with privacy and a lot of changes in how businesses could process customer data. A significant focus was on lab grown meat – a new industry has emerged with several IPOs in the offing.

Largely, the focus seem to be the same from the previous year. Maybe the focus remain as is because businesses haven’t been able to adopt them optimally. Data, as an example, still remains a significant challenge. And, AI adoption requires time and effort.

Maybe at the end of 2020, we’ll successfully see businesses adopt these trends and move ahead?