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Month: July 2016

A Little Competition

While road maps help prepare for the long term, it may not help necessarily in the short term. Defining short term priorities are difficult. Present day considerations tend to be fluid, and often impact what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. Read More

Ready to Print

In the 6th century AD, China invented printing, a form of it referred to as block printing. And, this became the basis for modern printing as we know it. Read More

A Good Host

A software application, is only as good as its host – a server that runs it. And, that holds true for any software application – be it a web application, desktop application or a mobile application. Bad hardware, almost always, negatively affects the performance of software. In my case, though, I didn’t have a host, let alone a bad one. And that’s when I thought of Amazon. Read More

The Old and the New

When developing solutions for clients, legacy always had me worried. Having an existing system in-house, opened a host of unknowns for solutions we developed, or the estimates we prepared. There was always that one thing we couldn’t account for or wouldn’t be able to account for.  Read More

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