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Month: June 2016

A Change In Perspective

In my previous role, developing proposals was a breeze. We were in the business of answering our clients’ questions – we used to conduct research as per their requirements. Even if they didn’t know what questions to ask, we would help them with it. Read More

History of Writing…and Copying

Before the invention of writing, information could only be spread by mouth. This meant severe limitations of place and time – and of course, the proverbial Chinese whisper. While writing eventually became a prerequisite to running successful kingdoms, its original intention was to establish religious decrees, codes of law, and other socially important matters. Read More

The Shift

My foray in the technology industry began with services. My company offered IT and IT enabled services. What this meant was, we worked with clients on helping them develop projects. This often meant working with clients on a project, and moving on once it was complete. Read More

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