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The Tech Trends People Are Talking About in 2020

It’s the start of the new year, and with that, comes a lot of predictions about the trends we’ll look forward to in the year. So, what tech trends are people talking about in 2020?

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Display Ads: Google’s Recent Purge

Google’s presence in display ads over the last 15 years is rife with ad fraud, malware and content scammers. Here’s what the company is doing to make the web safer and to protect advertiser brands.

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Google AMP vs Facebook Instant Articles: Who’s Winning?

Google dominated as the main source of web referral traffic…until Facebook’s Instant Articles came along. Now, Google’s AMP is dominating referrals again.

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Hacks and Data Breaches

Data breaches and hacks often don’t make the list of ‘disruptive tech trends’, but they should. Here’s why.

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Businesses want chatbots to work

The adoption of chatbots is ever increasing. Surprisingly, though, it is businesses that really want it to work.

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